Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painted Piano

A while back my parents started to remodel their living room. With the remodel came new furniture and no more room for our family piano. Thank goodness my 2 older siblings had no room for the piano because guess who got it by default?!?! ME!!!! (Yes I like to state the obvious sometimes.) Well, the project is old (I think it was like September of last year) and my memory is terrible so there is not much to blog about but I did get at least one middle of project picture from my iphone.

Unfortunately I can not remember exact paint colors, but I did a base coat of brown and dry brush technique of an off white color over the top which you can see started on the front right there. As you can also see on the TV there I used this project as a time to catch up on old episodes of Dexter. Man do I love that show!!

I DID NOT sand the piano to start. No one needs a bunch of dust flying around to get trapped in the piano.I just used Zinsser Cover Stain, 1 Gal first. I've used this primer for many other projects and it works great. It covered up a very RED room in just 2 coats! I did not do a top coat/sealer to finish it which I am regretting now. If I ever have some extra time I'll get around to doing that.

I also “reupholstered” the bench. Used a 2" foam cut to size and wrapped some cute home d├ęcor fabric around it and staplegunned the CRAP out of it. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. What do you think?

Yay for creating new memories with my kids on my childhood piano!

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