Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wedding Cake Toppers

With all the wedding planning going on around me I’ve been known to hop on etsy from time to time to find cute things. And I found the CUTEST little painted wood people for cake toppers. But they were about $45-50 to have someone customize them for you. Well that’s just silly. I figured I could do my own knock off.

I found a seller on etsy that had plain wooden dolls and I had a boatload of acrylic paints on hand courtesy of the Craft Queen, my mother.  I looked at a few of the available customizations on the etsy ones I saw and picked what I liked and got to it. I penciled everything on first to give myself guidelines and then painted away. It takes a rather steady hand. So starting these later in the evening and thinking you’ll be able to finish them without a few flubs is just silly. Good thing you can paint over mistakes! I decided to seal these guys too with the polyeurethane I talked about in the previous post.

Here is Ryan and Christina:

Here is Brian and Michelle:

And Here is Scott and Christy:
I'm so happy with how they turned out!! So cute!

And I have 2 sets of couples left. Now I just need more people to get married so I can make some cute gifts! Wait a minute I take that back…no more weddings for a while people! I need some time to recover! :)

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  1. Those turned out really cute!! I wondered what all the people were for when I was at your house last week :)