Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Sewing - Blankets

Hands down my favorite things to make are for a new baby. I love flannel blankets and burp cloths and fun little toys too! :) And the best thing is that its usually pretty easy stuff! Plus I've got my little one coming in just a few months and well I'm pretty much obsessed with baby things right about now :) 

I'll start with a post on BLANKETS! Because really they're my absolute favorite! These are without a doubt some of the best blankets I've used on my kiddo and will use with the next one. My Mom made these for everyone and they were always a HIT! I'm so blessed that I had enough time with my Mom for her to show me her tips and tricks. A fun note: baby blankets were the very first thing my Mom showed me how to make. I was pregnant with Katelyn and I wanted to make her some things. And the sewing just snowballed from there :) 

I always make a double sided flannel blanket with coordinating fabrics. I make it 36"x36" so its nice and big and comfy. Not like those little crappy receiving blankets sold in the store. I've done them 2 ways:

Frayed Edge: cut your coordinating fabrics 36"x36" make sure to round the edges. It looks a whole lot better in the end. Take something round (I've always used a coaster but a cup or bowl will probably suffice too) and use it as a pattern, cut all 4 corners together for consistency. Place your fabrics wrong sides together and sew (use a zig zag or fancy stitch) about 3/4" in all the way around. After its sewed together, take a scissors and snip the edges all the way around. leave anywhere from 1/4" to 1/2" between snips. Here's a blanket with snips shown:
Well its actually hard to see them... but I hope you get the idea. Before you send the blanket as a gift, toss it in the dryer for a few minutes and it frays nicely. Nice, quick and EASY!

or there's the Ric Rac Bordered blanket: still cut 2 coordinating flannels 36"x36". For this you take one piece of the flannel and sew some ric rac on. Really you could use any sort of trim but I've only used Ric Rac. Pin the ric rac around the border right on the edge (sorry no pics...) and then sew it on just under 1/4" in. It ends up being right along the edge of the inside scallop. Once that is done, sew the two fabrics right sides together, leave room to turn it, then blind stitch it closed. Please don't ask me how to blind stitch as I've always been bad at explaining, I just know how to do it. Now you are done: 
Now this is a quilted flannel one, which I will save for another post, but it was the only pic I have!

Stay tuned for some more baby fun to come! 

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